Gents Locker Room Re-opened

Gents Locker Room Re-opened

 We sent the email asking members to empty their lockers on the 29th December last year.  We gave ourselves a month to complete the refurbishment thanks to the co-operation of members and the hard work by the “Locker Room Working Party” the refurbishment went smoothly and was completed on time.

The “new” locker room completed the upgrade of the gents changing room facilities that started with the refurbishment of the toilets last year.  This brings the facilities for our members and visitors to a 21st century standard that goes with the quality of our course.

The Captain and President officially opened the refurbished locker room on Friday 29th January with members receiving their keys from Matt from Saturday 30th January.


The work began 5th January checking to see that all the lockers were empty; only two lockers were not cleared and that was because their owners were sunning themselves in far off lands. 

That small obstacle was soon over come and the working party with President and Captain all under the control of “Working Party Boss” Ray Lewis set to work to dismantle the lockers and benches.  All the lockers were dismantled and the few people who wanted them took their lockers leaving 60+ to dispose of.  The next step was to remove the benches but they would not go out of the door, “they won’t” said a senior member “they were welded up in here”.  OK so we set to work to dismantle them, everything went smoothly until finding a hacksaw too slow the Captain decided to useText Box: Armed and dangerous, part of the work team ready for action (Note the President the supervisor) his disc cutter.  This was still ok until with sparks flying (under full control of the Captain??) the fire alarm went off.  It’s only paint smoking he said as he finished the last cut, the fire alarm stopped and we took out the last of the bench frames.

Having checked the value of scrap metal which was found to be minimal we could find no-one who wanted to buy 60+ old lockers with rusty bases so we arranged for “the scrap man” to come and take the rest.  Shattered and relieved after two days we finished, all the scrap was outside.

Next day we duly arrived and while we waited for the scrap man we started on stripping out the carpet and removing notice boards etc. During the day a fair number of people came at different times, “can we have a locker?” they asked no problem we said but remember the scrap man is coming later and the lot are going.  For some reason the scrap man didn’t come that day and by the time he came late the following day there were only 30 lockers left for him to collect, surprising how people can find uses for things when they are being thrown away.

With the carpets and notice boards gone, the painting crew set to, the holes were filled, ceiling and walls painted, woodwork sanded down and stained or painted.  The room looked huge and clean.

The plumber came in old radiators were removed and blanked off where the lockers would go and new larger radiators put in to replace the remaining two.  The electrician relocated and fitted all new LED lights, each one separately activated by PIR detectors with the two nearest the entrances to the locker room upgraded to be emergency lights.

With everyone working well together we completed the all the work required on the Friday ready for the lockers arriving on Monday 18th January.  The fitting team were here in the morning then the team, the Captain and the Working Party Boss all sat waiting with bated breath for the lockers.  A call soon confirmed they left the warehouse at 5am and should be here about noon.  2pm and after some nail biting and a few phone calls we were told they would be here within the hour.  They finally arrived about 4:30pm so we set too and only to find out we could not get the tall double height locker in the locker entrance.  Thankfully with some gentle manoeuvring we got them all in except the two double carcasses, they had to be dissembled and rebuilt inside the locker room. 

During the remainder of the week the teams frText Box: Finally the refurbished handicap cabinet goes up under the supervision of the Presidentom Ridgeway installed the lockers whilst Captain, President and Working Party Boss went shopping for carpet.  A successful venture thanks to the help of a long standing member.  With the lockers fitted we then had the carpets fitted and finally the notice boards were recovered and refitted and the job was complete. 

I am very grateful to everyone who has helped with this locker room project, to make it not only a very successful project completed on time and within budget but also an enjoyable one to manage.  There is no way I could have done what has been done without the help and support of this excellent team.

Every day Mr President, Ian Smith, “Working Party Boss”, Ray Lewis and