Bernard Sullivan Trophy

Bernard Sullivan Trophy 2018  
Round 1 Round 2 Semi Finals Final  

To be played by

Sunday 17th June

To be played by

Sunday 29th July.

To be played by

Sunday 9th Sept

Finals Day

Sunday 16th Sept.


David E. Hughes

Gareth Jones


Trevor Evans

Roy Smallman

Jim Jones

Eric Hadfield


Mike Jacobs

Barry Hickman

Mark Smale

Phil Griffiths


Gerald Dowling

Brian Furnell

Moi Parry

Jim Moorehead


Bernie Welsh

Tom Carroll

Mike Brassey

Barry Window


Huw Wrench

Clem Lang

Alan S. Williams

Mike Arthur


Jack Johnson

Merfyn Brockley

Mal Reed

Brynley Edwards


Gary Jones

Ram Patel


Ray Matthews

Mike O’Boyle

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