HSS Constitution




1          Name of the Section

1.1       The Section, with effect from 2 January 2018,  shall be called “The Holywell Seniors Section” of Holywell Golf Club referred to subsequently in this document as the “HSS”. Holywell Golf Club is referred to subsequently in this document as “the Club”.  References to “AGM” and “SGM” relate to the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meeting of the HSS.

 2         Objectives of the HSS

2.1       The objectives of the HSS are to provide golfing and social activities for its Members.

3          Eligibility

3.1       All playing male Members of the Club who have paid the Club Membership fee in full or have agreed to pay their fee by instalments under the scheme operated by the Club are eligible to join the HSS subject to the eligibility criteria set out in 3.2 below.

3.2    Members of the HSS must be at least 55 years of age and have agreed to pay and have paid the annual subscription fee in force at that time.

3.3       On becoming Members of the HSS, each Member agrees to abide by the rules of the HSS as set out from time to time.

3.4       All Club Members who cease to play golf and who become Social Members of the Club shall be able to join the HSS as Social Members of the Section and be able to attend social events on paying, if required, any fee/charge as appropriate.  

4          Annual Membership Subscription

4.1       The amount of the annual subscription per Member for the ensuing year shall be decided and set at the AGM .

5          Election of Chairman

5.1       The Chairman of the HSS for the ensuing year shall be elected at the AG M from amongst and by those full playing Members who are eligible to be Members of the Section and are present at the meeting. The Chairman by virtue of his position is automatically a Member of the General Committee of Holywell Golf Club.

5.2       The Chairman shall preside over meetings of the HSS and its Committee.

5.3       Where the Chairman at any time resigns from office or the office becomes vacant, for whatever reason, the Committee shall appoint a temporary Chairman from amongst their number to carry out the role and responsibilities of Chairman until such time as a new Chairman is elected at a Special General Meeting to be convened under Article 9.5. The Committee has discretion to continue with the temporary arrangements where the AGM is imminent and where no notice has been received under Article 9.5.

5.4       At meetings of the HSS and its Committee, the Chairman at that meeting shall have a second and casting vote where there is an equality of votes on any motion or amendment before that body.

6          Appointment of Committee

6.1       The Committee shall consist of six Members who shall be appointed at the AGM. No person who is not a full playing Member of the HSS shall be appointed to serve on the Committee.

6.2       In addition, the Chairman shall be a full voting member of the Committee

6.3       The term of office of each Committee Member shall terminate at the next AGM. A Member is not precluded from seeking further terms of committee membership.

6.4      Where a Member of the Committee ceases to be a Member of the HSS or the Committee for whatever reason, then the Committee shall co-opt another full playing Member on to the Committee for the duration of the term of office of that Member unless a notice is submitted under Article 9.5.

6.5       The Committee may appoint a Sub-Committee to assist it in the conduct of its business. The Committee must determine the membership of the Sub-Committee and its terms of reference. Members of the HSS who are not members of the Committee may be appointed to serve on the Sub-Committee. It is expected that a Sub-Committee shall cease to exist once it has completed its work.

7          Role and Responsibilities of the Committee

7.1       The Committee shall be responsible for the management, control and finance of the HSS including the authorisation of expenditure and income subject to any matters retained by the HSS under this Constitution and the arrangements for competitions including the settling of disputes.

7.2       The Committee shall determine the allocation of duties amongst their membership and details shall be published on the HSS notice board in the Clubhouse. Notwithstanding this power, the Committee must appoint one of their members to be responsible for the finances of the HSS to include the presentation of the Balance Sheet at the AGM.

7.3      The Auditor of the Section’s Accounts shall not be the Chairman or a Member of the Committee.

7.4       The quorum at meetings of the Committee shall be three members of the Committee.

8          Voting at the AGM and in Committee

8.1       Subject to 8.2 and 8.3 below, voting at the AGM and in Committee shall be by show of hands on any motion or amendment and by a single majority. Where the matter to be decided relates to a constitutional change then a two/thirds majority of those present and voting shall be required.       

8.2       Voting on the election of Chairman or for appointment to the Committee where the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies shall be by secret ballot. The person presiding at the meeting shall have a second and casting vote where there is an equality of votes.

8.3      Voting for the Committee by secret ballot will be for the full Committee and not individual places.

9          The AGM and any SGM

9.1       The AGM shall be held in October in each year at a date to be fixed by the Committee.

9.2       The notice, together with the Minutes of the previous AGM, convening the AGM must be exhibited on the HSS notice board in the Club at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.

9.3       The agenda for the AGM must contain the following items of business:-

  • confirmation of the Minutes of the last AGM or SGM
  • the Chairman’s report on the HSS over the last year
  • the report on the HSS finances and the submission of the audited accounts which must be formally approved at the AGM
  • Motions proposed under 9.4 below
  • Election of Chairman
  • Appointment of the Committee
  • the appointment of the auditor for the ensuing year who must not be the Chairman or a Member of the Committee

9.4       Any  Motion to be moved at the AGM must be submitted by notice to the Chairman, in writing, at least seven days prior to the meeting and signed by the person or persons moving the motion.

9.5       A Special General Meeting may be called at any time either by a resolution of the Committee or following the submission of a notice, in writing, signed by not less than five full playing Members of the HSS. The said notice must set out the nature of the business to be conducted. Business to be conducted at a SGM shall be as set out in the agenda.

9.6       The Chairman will ensure that the proceedings of meetings of the AGM or any SGM are recorded particularly resolutions/decisions.

9.7       The quorum at the AGM or any SGM shall be 15 Members of the HSS who are eligible to vote at the meeting.    

10        Competitions

10.1    All full playing Members shall be eligible to enter the HSS competitions provided they have paid their annual subscription.

10.2    A list of the competitions to be held each year and their format are set out in Schedule 1attached. Additional competitions may be arranged at any time by the Committee and, where appropriate, with the consent of the appropriate Club Committee.

10.3    A Member who has not represented the HSS in at least two home fixtures may be required by the Committee to pay an additional fee for any heavily subsidised event.

10.4    Any existing Member of the Section who has not paid his subscription (fee) in full within a period of 21days from the date of the AGM (the period of 21 days to include the date of the AGM) shall not be eligible to enter any competition until such time as his subscription is paid in full and in advance of his entering the competition. Any new Member must have paid his subscription in full in advance of entering any competition. For the sake of clarity, any Member who has no paid his Club membership fee either in full or by instalments as provided by the Club, shall not be eligible to enter any competition until such payments have been made or are being made by instalments.    

Publication of the Constitution

11.1    A copy of this Constitution shall be displayed on the HSS notice board in the Clubhouse and it is the responsibility of each Member to make themselves fully aware of its provisions.

11.2    A copy shall be available on the HSS webpage of the Club’s website.

12        Approval by the Club

12.1    This Constitution and any major amendments to its provisions shall be subject to the approval of the Management Committee of the Club.

12.2    The determination of a “major amendment” shall be agreed between the Chairman of the HSS and the Club Secretary following any appropriate consultations.


1.    Club Matches – these are played against other clubs, both home and away. When playing at home or away a match fee is charged and normally covers the golf, a meal, birdie two sweep and a raffle.

2.    When playing a home match Members are expected to provide a drink for their guests.

3.    The matches are the main source of income for the Section and all Members are expected to take part and not to restrict their activities to those where prizes can be won.

4.    Several  “Majors” are played each year and include the following:-

  • Arnold Williams Centenary Trophy – Played in memory of Mr J A (Arnie) Williams, Chairman and Secretary of the Section for over 14 years. Individual match play with an 18 hole stableford qualifying Competition for the last 32  

(Note: amended from 16 at AGM on 28 October 2014)

  • Sullivan Trophy – four ball, better ball, match play knock out competition
  • Ye Olde Bell – medal format
  • Auld Momento – medal format
  • J T Hughes Trophy – stableford competition
  • Eric Hewitt Trophy – stableford competition played for at the Annual Outing

(All competitions to be played from the yellow tees with no entries being included once the draw has been made)

5.    Turkey Trot Competitions – stableford competitions held over the winter months over 12,15 or 18 holes

6.    Annual Outing – an annual outing is arranged and is heavily subsidised by funds raised during the year.

7.    Christmas Dinner – a dinner is arranged annually when members and their partners enjoy an afternoon of good food and entertainment. This event is also heavily subsidised.

Date of approval by the Club – 8 October 2013

Date of approval by the RGS – 22 October 2013

Effective from close of the AGM on 22 October 2013

Amended at the AGM on 28 October 2014 (Note: agreed with Club Secretary on 28 October 2014 under Clause 12.2 that the amendment was not a major one requiring the Club’s approval).

Amended at the AGM on 28 November 2017 (Note: agreed with Club Secretary on 28 November 2017 under Clause 12.2 that the amendment to add Clause 10.4 (eligibility requirements to enter HSS competitions) was not a major one requiring the Club’s approval).

The changes to Article 1 (renaming the Section) and Article 3 (eligibility requirements for membership of the HSS) were endorsed by the Club’s Management Committee on 7 December 2017 pursuant to Article 12.1.     

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