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Holywell is a unique heathland/links style course, with a back nine that will challenge the best golfers and leave high handicappers wishing for more. The limestone terrain ensures that Holywell is one of the driest in North Wales making it playable throughout the year.

Read detailed descriptions of each hole by clicking on the numbers below.

Course – Magazine

A testing opening hole with heather mounds to the left. It is always a tough fairway to hit. A drive over the road is rewarded by a better angle to the green. For your second aim left of the flag to allow for the left to right slope. The approach is slightly uphill.

Par4, SI9

Course – Y-Bont

An elevated tee, with out of bounds down the left. A tricky par 4 where position with your tee shot is important. Aim right of centre to open up the green for your second shot. For your second shot aim right of the flag to avoid rolling off the green to the left.

Par4, SI15

Course – Bamford

The tee shot is played into a slight rise in the ground, which levels out at about the 220-yard mark. A longish drive is an advantage here, for if the higher ground is reached no more than a medium iron is called for. A par four which despite the lack of greenside bunkers seems curiously elusive.

Par4, SI7

Course – Pond

The path adjacent to the third green leads into our own ‘amen corner’, known to our members as ‘the field’. Situated behind “Claremont” the first par three hole is challenging and fully merits its stroke index 5. At 188 yards long it requires a carry of 170 yards over a ditch for the brave, or ample fairway short of the ditch for those who play with caution, the green is protected on the left by a pond and on the right by a sand bunker, gorse and out of bounds.

Par3, SI5

Course – Captains

A relatively short par four dog-leg hole which is nearly a complete 90 degrees, with out of bounds markers and hawthorn flanking the right hand side, it requires an accurate length of drive to position ball at the corner of the dog-leg with approximately 130 yards left to the green. The green has sand bunkers at the rear and front to protect it from anyone playing over the corner of the dogleg to the green.

Par4, SI3

Course – Hawthorns

A second par three hole 165 yards long with the green in the middle of a copse of trees and protected by sand bunkers. This hole requires an accurate tee shot to avoid trouble.

Par3, SI13

Course – Claremont

A tough par 4. Here the drive should be left of centre to allow for the left to right slope. To the right is out of bounds, which awaits the sliced ball. The prevailing wind can be an influencing feature on this hole. For your second remember it is uphill to the green so take enough club. A par here is always a good score.

Par4, SI1

Course – Tumulus

This hole is a shortish par four which requires a good tee shot played to the right of the fairway, to allow for the slope. The approach shot is then downhill into the green.

Course – Jacobs Well

This hole is a dog leg left which requires a reasonable drive over the corner to set up a short iron to the plateau green. Deep rough on the left and right awaits any mis hit drive from the tee. The approach shot is better a little short than too long.

Par4 SI11

Course – Road Hole

This hole provides a good test and although the par five is not beyond the reach of the longer hitters this hole must be treated with respect. The tight neck of the fairway requires an accurate drive for those who can’t carry the ‘Humps and Hollows’. The road to the left is out of bounds and to the right is a lateral water hazard. The percentage play is to take from the tee a club to position you 220 yards down the fairway from where an accurate medium iron shot favouring just right of the centre will leave you a shortish iron to the green. It is a very tricky green surround so make sure you hit a positive shot into the green. A par here is always a good score.

Par5, SI12

Course – Fammau View

This hole requires a reasonably straight drive to clear the road and position the shot to open up the green, which is bounded by gorse, hawthorn and grass bunkers. A deep gulley at the back of the green awaits anything struck long. A reasonable pitch shot to the green should provide a fairly simple par four. When played from the forward tee this is a tricky par 3. From whichever tee you are playing from this is one hole where it is better to be short of the pin because of the trouble over the back and the fact that the green slopes from back to front, and you want to allow yourself an easier uphill putt.

Par4/3, SI18

Course – Dalys

A par 3 that is 168 yards long and all carry over a mound on to a nicely sloping green to help receive the ball. To be certain of a par three the green must be found with the tee shot, ideally leaving you just short of the pin for an easier uphill putt. With the varying winds this may range from a full wooden club to a seven iron.

Par3, SI16

Course – Chapel

Intimidating from the tee but there is more room than first appears. A good straight drive over the water hazard of about 195 yards will leave a short iron up to the green. The green itself slopes steeply from back to front, so you don’t want to be past this pin or you will have a very fast putt back.

Par4, SI6

Course – The Bowl

A really testing par five, from the tee adjacent to an old quarry the drive is played straight for the green some 521 yards in the distance. There is a wide and roomy stretch of ground to be found although a sliced shot may find the out of bounds in the deep quarry to the right of the fairway. There is a lateral water hazard to the left to claim a real “hook”. The second shot is a full one. Allow for the slope of this right to left fairway. This will then leave an approach shot to a long sunken green with a tier in the middle up to another level. Correct club selection is essential here to have two putts or less, so select your club carefully to match the pin position. The wind is usually a big factor on this hole, and a par here is always a good score.

Par5, SI2

Course – Dytors

Our “Signature Hole”, this par three hole is only 134 yards from tee to green, but the green is a small target which slopes from left to right and is all carry over a quarry. Club selection here can vary dramatically due to the prevailing wind conditions.

Par3, SI14

Course – Lime Kiln

Again a relatively short par four which requires a tee shot to clear the quarry directly in front of the tee. It can be driven by the very long hitters due to the slight downward slope of the fairway. It is only 340 yards long from tee to green. The green has a slight slope away from the shot with deep holes to the rear of the green to receive any over hit shot.

Par4, SI4

Course – Ffrith

This hole is 333 yards long and a slight dog-leg right. It gives two options of play. For the average player it is a shot to the marker post area and then a short iron to the green with the fairway sloping down to the green. For the long hitter it can be reached but requires an accurate drive cutting the corner. A sliced drive may find the out of bounds or very rough ground and a hook could find trouble by the 11th fairway.

Par4, SI8

Course – Home

This par four hole is played from an elevated tee. The drive, towards the marker post should be long enough to carry the rise across the road. The fairway is wide but the track to the right marks the out of bounds. Normally a mid to long iron is necessary to reach the slightly punchbowl green. Against the prevailing left to right wind it requires an accurate straight drive to avoid the deep rough and gorse on either side and out of bounds on the right.

Par4, SI10

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