Dress Code

It is in all our interests to maintain reasonable standards of dress in keeping with golf traditions. Members and guests at Holywell, are reminded that the following are required standards that should be adhered to both on the golf course and in the clubhouse.

In courtesy to other course users, we would request that mobile phones are switched to ‘silent’ and only used in an emergency.

Dress code:


Trousers:  No jeans, coloured denims, combat style trousers or tracksuits.  Plus 2’s and 4’s are allowed.

Shoes: Golf shoes must be worn

Tops: Shirts must have a collar and sleeves and must be tucked in (except ladies).  Turtle and roll necks are permitted.  Football, rugby and any other training tops are not permitted.

Shorts: Shorts must be tailored and approximately knee length.

Socks: Socks, when worn with shorts must be either knee length or white spots socks or of the same colour as the shorts being worn.


Members, their guests and visitors are expected to maintain a smart, clean and tidy appearance in the Clubhouse and avoid collarless tee shirts, football shirts and leisure shorts.

Clubhouse Events: The dress code will be announced prior to the event.

Your co-operation and understanding to avoid offence or embarrassment will be appreciated.

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